RIDE Inc (Rapid Industrial Descent Equipment)


Offers the fastest & simplest way to escape any configuration of Slant rig platform


  • No struggling to connect or disconnect lanyards in a critical situation
  • Because the worker is always tied off to the Snubscape - and nothing else - escape is simple & immediate
  • If an injury were to occur prior to escape, the weight activated release & the automatic braking system will get the worker to the ground quickly & safely, even if he can't sit up.
  • The Rigscape is designed with a patented braking system that allows the Shuttle to travel away from the platform at upwards of 22 ft/sec, automatically slows as it nears the ground and allows a soft landing for the worker
  • Rig in/out can be done in as little as 15 minutes

The Rigscape Difference

Our patented magnetic braking system is designed for multiple runs:
  • Workers gain confidence in the escape system through repeated training opportunities
  • Safety drills can be performed on a regular basis to instill a instinctual response during an emergency situation.
Small & lightweight
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