RIDE Inc (Rapid Industrial Descent Equipment)


Offers the fastest & simplest way to escape any configuration of snubbing rig platform

Park-On Anchor Setup
Workers connected to Snubscape trolley at all times

Snubscape Advantages

  • No struggling to connect or disconnect in a critical situation
  • Because the worker is always tied off to the Snubscape escape is simple & immediate
  • If an injury were to occur prior to escape, the weight activated release & the automatic braking system will get the worker to the ground quickly & safely, even if he can't hold on to the device.
  • The Snubscape is designed with a patented braking system that allows the Snubscape to travel away from the platform at upwards of 22 ft/sec, automatically slows as it nears the ground and allows a soft landing for the worker
  • Rig in/out can be done in as little as 15 minutes

The Snubscape Difference

Our patented magnetic braking system is designed for multiple runs:

  • Workers gain confidence in the escape system through repeated training opportunities
  • Safety drills can be performed on a regular basis to instill a instinctual response during an emergency situation
Small & lightweight
Weight activated release


The worker can either grab the Snubscape handle or simply step off the platform (Not recommended in a practice run, as once the fall arrest strap has been engaged in a fall arrest situation it must be replaced). The handle & trolley are weight activated and will release once the worker steps off the platform. The Magnegress braking system will control the descent to the ground.
The snubbing post gives 180º directional egress
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