The DV safety pod was developed to save lives & to prevent injuries

In under 3 seconds the derrickhand is on his way. In approximately 20 seconds he lands in safety

Working high above the rig floor on the tubing rack, seconds can mean the difference between life and death in the event of an emergency. Panicked workers can't be expected to unhook and rehook safety lanyards to escape equipment in the heat of the moment. The best way to ensure the safety of those at risk is with the DV Safety Pod (DVSP) exclusively from RIDE Inc.

The DVSP is uniquely designed to eliminate disconnecting and reconnecting safety lines; hooking right to the emergency egress pod. In a critical situation, the derrick-hand simply steps into the DVSP; automatically launching the escape vehicle. Entering the pod takes just three seconds and the once-imperilled employee will be safely on solid ground 20 seconds later. RIDE's patented automatic braking system ensures a safe, speedy descent every time.

Unlike other systems, the DV Safety Pod system can be used over and over again so those at risk can practise their escape repeatedly. This is critical for the quick reaction time required to keep your people safe.

The D.V. Safety Pod is the safest, fastest way for a derrick-hand to get from tubing board to ground in an emergency and conforms to CAODC Recommended Practice 9.0.

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