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2020 IADC HSE&T Conference & Exhibition

RIDE Booth at Exhibition

Paul Smith & Darrell Boulter Attended Conference . Mark Upchurch  of Russell Oilfield Services as attended. A very busy 2 days attending seminars and meeting with QHSE  managers of numerous company's.

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IADC Houston Chapter Luncheon Held September 05 2019

Mark Upchurch of Russell Oilfied Equipment the RIDE USA Distributor was in Attendance

Miss Maclean  who is the Chief Procurement Officer of HESS Corporation was the quest speaker

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RIDE Sells First Emergence Egress System In California

Signal Hill Petroleum Orientation

Congratulations to Signal Hill Petroleum of Signal Hill, California. As a leader in rig safety, their forward thinking has enabled them to become the first company in California to install the RIDE egress system onto their drilling rig. On May 06, 2019 ...

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It's nice to see the ole T bar buggies are becoming ancient artifacts! Rig companies are seeing the light and protecting their most valuable asset - people! Been out to quite a few different rigs ( drilling and service) in my time as a toolhand and WSS, seeing a lot more of the RIDE units out in circulation.. Hats off to you! ...

~ Dave Elliott, Wellsite Supervisor

The Ride System certainly meets a specific need in the oil and gas industry and that is to evacuate a dangerous area rapidly and efficiently. I think it is unique. One of the selling points is that it is portable; you don't need a special crew to install it. With very little training one can get the crew operating the system immediately. The Emergency evacuation drills can be done daily and there is no cost to using the product over and over. It is an extremely efficient, self-contained unit. I recommend this to any company needing an escape from any elevated platform. ...

~ Bob White R&J
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