Emergency egress made simple


Developed by rig workers to be used by rig workers

RIDE Inc's Rigscape system was developed to improve derrick safety by eliminating confusion for workers facing a critical situation.

With other emergency egress systems, workers are required to connect to the escape fall protection system and disconnect from the rig before they can descend. It doesn't sound too difficult until you consider that they might be forced to do so under the extreme duress of a well blowout or other emergency situation, possibly in the dark or in inclement weather and with minimal opportunities for training before hand.

The developers at RIDE Inc. were determined to find a way to make emergency egress as easy and natural as possible to help prevent injuries and save lives.

After seven years and millions of dollars in research and development, Rigscape was introduced to the world by RIDE Inc. at the 2011 Houston Oil Show and is now seeing widespread use in Canada, the United States and the Middle East.

The company currently has three patents granted and two patents pending on the Rigscape system.

A rig worker demonstrating one of Ride Inc's emergency egress systems
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It's nice to see the ole T bar buggies are becoming ancient artifacts! Rig companies are seeing the light and protecting their most valuable asset - people! Been out to quite a few different rigs ( drilling and service) in my time as a toolhand and WSS, seeing a lot more of the RIDE units out in circulation.. Hats off to you! ...

~ Dave Elliott, Wellsite Supervisor

The Ride System certainly meets a specific need in the oil and gas industry and that is to evacuate a dangerous area rapidly and efficiently. I think it is unique. One of the selling points is that it is portable; you don't need a special crew to install it. With very little training one can get the crew operating the system immediately. The Emergency evacuation drills can be done daily and there is no cost to using the product over and over. It is an extremely efficient, self-contained unit. I recommend this to any company needing an escape from any elevated platform. ...

~ Bob White R&J
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