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Why should I choose Ride and Rigscape?

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Where do I connect my harness when I need to escape the rig during an emergency?

With RIDE, you are always tied off to the escape device so there is no need to connect or disconnect lanyards during an emergency. If you need to leave the derrick immediately, simply turn, stop onto the escape device and ride to safety.

If there are no lanyards holding the escape device in place, how does it stay up? And how is it released when needed?

RIDE has a release mechanism that is activated by weight. As soon as you step onto the device, your weight triggers it to begin descending. The same mechanism holds the device in place at the elevated platform until it is needed.

What happens if I slip out of the device during descent?

Your harness is tied off to the device at all times. If you happen to slip off the seat or lose your grip on the handle, you will not fall! Your fall will be arrested by the SRL and your full body harness. The device will continue to descend and brake automatically and you should be delivered safely to the ground.

What happens if I am injured and can't sit up on the rigscape or grip the handles of the snubscape device?

If necessary, you can ride down from the derrick, simply by stepping or rolling off the platform and letting your weight trigger the descent. You will end up hanging from the RIDE device by your SRL and full body harness as it descends. If there are others on the platform to assist an injured worker, he can be lowered in a stretcher attached to the RIDE device.

Can RIDE be used more than once? Can it be returned to the platform after it is used?

Multiple runs are actually encouraged with RIDE, unlike other emergency escape devices. At RIDE Inc., we feel that it's important for workers to be completely comfortable and confident with the escape device they are counting on to protect them in an emergency. If they have multiple opportunities to use the equipment, they will be able to use it much more naturally when it really counts.

How do I control my speed during descent?

Our patented Magnegress brake automatically controls the speed of your descent. There is no need for manual braking. This allows even injured or incapacitated workers to be safely lowered to the ground during an emergency.

What is the rig-up time for the RIDE system?

Rig up in as little as 15 minutes.

How do you return the RIDE device to its docking station?

There are actually three ways to return the RIDE device to the platform. One, you can connect a platform-mounted winch cable to the winch eye on the shuttle and winch the RIDE device back to the docking station. Two, if there are at least two of you, have one at the top pulling on the upper cable and one at the bottom pulling on the lower cable to draw the RIDE device back to the docking station. Three, you can place the socket of the optional lifting tool onto the nut of the Magnegress brake sheave, set the switch on the shuttle lift tool to the forward position and engage the trigger to raise the shuttle.

Does RIDE work for other applications besides emergency egress from the derrick?

Yes. RIDE has been used for working on tree stands, zip lining and other applications.

Can two people use RIDE at the same time?

RIDE devices are built to hold one person at a time and have a maximum weight capacity of 310 lb. However, a two-person model is currently under development.

What kind of maintenance is required to keep the RIDE system running properly?

The RIDE system is virtually maintenance free.

What are the regulations for derrick escape?

Each jurisdiction sets their own standards. The RIDE system was designed to meet and exceed the CAODC (Canadian Association of Oil Drilling Contractors) Recommended Practice 9.0 which sets the standards for derrick egress for Canadian contractors. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the company to do their due diligence to protect their workers from harm.
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It's nice to see the ole T bar buggies are becoming ancient artifacts! Rig companies are seeing the light and protecting their most valuable asset - people! Been out to quite a few different rigs ( drilling and service) in my time as a toolhand and WSS, seeing a lot more of the RIDE units out in circulation.. Hats off to you! ...

~ Dave Elliott, Wellsite Supervisor

The Ride System certainly meets a specific need in the oil and gas industry and that is to evacuate a dangerous area rapidly and efficiently. I think it is unique. One of the selling points is that it is portable; you don't need a special crew to install it. With very little training one can get the crew operating the system immediately. The Emergency evacuation drills can be done daily and there is no cost to using the product over and over. It is an extremely efficient, self-contained unit. I recommend this to any company needing an escape from any elevated platform. ...

~ Bob White R&J
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